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The search for your perfect engagement ring is
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engagement ring ever designed. Ever. Seriously.

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The Updated Diamond Solitaire

It’s the classic diamond solitaire, a sparkling diamond on a simple band, except it’s not so simple anymore. It’s covered in Diamonds! A big diamond sitting on a band covered in diamonds? Everyone likes it. This spring put even more sparkle in her step.

7504 A

The Tennis Bracelet

Story time. It was called an Eternity Bracelet, because the diamonds that circled her wrist had no beginning and no end.

Chris Evert began wearing one, while she played tennis. She was a marvel – as she was the top player in the world 7 different years. One day in a championship match her eternity bracelet came off. So, she suspended the match until she found it. And that’s why they are called tennis bracelets.

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Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Favourites

Create your one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your one-of-a-kind love.


Browse the largest collection of engagement rings in North America displayed in our open showcases for you to reach in and try on. Our certified Diamond Consultants will help you narrow and pick the ring style
you like…


Then experience the Spence difference and be empowered and educated to choose the diamond you want…


And simply, be prepared to be amazed…
Your unique engagement ring made to order.

Your ring, your choice.

Pressure-free, easy and fun…. Buying a ring doesn’t have to be like buying a ring. We have open showcases, so you can reach in and try on as many rings as you like. With over 2500 customizable styles, all clearly marked with pricing,  every Spence ring is handcrafted with your special diamond, guaranteeing that your ring will have never touched another hand. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Spence does
diamonds differently.

You may have been to a diamond store before. But not like this. Spence Diamonds is the first and only diamond store that has created a transparent experience that has you in full control. An experience that gives you the education, tools and confidence to create the exact diamond ring that defines your moment.

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