Your Diamond is Waiting Patiently for You.

You’ll recognize it the instant you see it.

All that remains is for you to wander through our store, trying on every style of engagement ring that has ever been designed. You’ll love our open showcases. No need to ask our permission. Just reach in and try on any ring style you like.

Diamond engagement ring
Couple holding hands showing engagement ring

Inspired by love. Imagined by you. Shop for an expression of your everlasting love.

Brilliant diamond rings


Stunning Diamond Earrings


Dazzling Diamond Pendants


Secret Diamond Anniversary Band

Secret Diamond
Anniversary Band

Seven diamonds – side-by-side – mounted to look like her whole finger is circled with diamonds! Those seven diamonds add up to almost three-quarters of a carat.

We can make it for you in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. The color of gold will not change the price. You can choose earth diamonds from a diamond mine or Artisan Created diamonds from the fiery heart of a plasma chamber, and it doesn’t change the price. Make it a happy day.

Limited Time Offer


A Rose
Non-Traditional Diamonds
Non-Traditional Diamond


The two of you have been through a LOT together. You’ve endured things that most people will never experience. You had a non-traditional courtship. You need a Non-Traditional Diamond. A Non-Traditional Diamond ring isn’t for everyone.

The distinctive feature of every Non-Traditional Diamond is that it features a far-from-perfect diamond, that was born deep in the fiery heart of Mother Earth. Beautifully imperfect, and that’s what makes it unique. Just like the two of you. It’s a real diamond, scars and all.

Mens Image

Men’s Diamond

Powerful, masculine rings for men. When a man wears a big diamond, people notice. A diamond ring on a man also makes a powerful statement as a wedding ring. These rings are simple… Mechanical… Well engineered… Like a Ferrari.

71534 Ab
Mens Image
Mask Group 26

Our Diamond Stud Earrings Make You Glitter When You Walk

Yes, you already glitter. We know that. But these diamonds will kick it up to a whole new level. And we always give you credit for 100% of the price you paid when you trade up for a larger pair. We hope you’ll do it again and again.


Diamond Favourites

Create your one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your one-of-a-kind love.


Browse the largest collection of engagement rings in North America. Just reach into our open showcases and try them on. Rings always look different on your finger than on a screen. Choosing a ring style is one of those things you need to do in person. Already have a style in mind? Show it to us and we’ll show it to you on your finger.


Let us show you some diamonds. Prepare to be amazed.


Your unique engagement ring will be made to order. It will never have been on any finger but yours. And isn’t that how it ought to be?

More than 2500 customizable ring styles
Diamond ring in an opened box

Your ring, your choice.

We have more than 2500 customizable ring styles ­– each one clearly marked with a price – so you never have to ask, “How much is this one?”  Spence Diamonds is easy, pressure-free, and fun.

Spence Diamond store

Spence does
diamonds differently.

We have created a transparent experience that puts you in full control. We give you education, tools, and confidence, so that you can create the diamond ring that everyone will instantly know is yours. You can do it. We will help you.

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