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Group 373

Non-Traditional Diamonds

For more than 100 years, diamonds have been judged as either perfect or imperfect to the naked eye. But a Non-Traditional Diamond is in a category all by itself.

It is artistically imperfect, as unique as a fingerprint. It is the flaws of this diamond that make it distinctive and beautiful.

BYC Spence 27A2789
Group 373
Non-Traditional Diamonds

An artistically included diamond relates to the clarity of the diamond. Bold and different, these Non-Traditional Diamonds are cut to show off Mother Nature’s artistic talents.

Artistically included diamonds
Non-Traditional Diamonds
Couple sitting hanging feet over wall
Couple after getting married

Your ring,
your choice.

Buying a Non-Traditional Diamond ring doesn’t have to be like buying a ring. We will walk you through the process with our largest selection of Non-Traditional Diamonds. Our Diamond Consultants look forward to asking you the right questions to build your unique ring.

Spence NTD Rose Cut Face
Non-Traditional Diamonds

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