For every aspect of your life, put your best foot forward. Spence Diamonds
is there to add shine and beauty, all accenting your glow.

Diamond earrings


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Diamond rings


Hot styles. Hot! And why not? You deserve the ring that represents you best. We’ll even modify it for you if you’d like to make it unique. Diamond rings are what we do.

Diamond ring


There will come a day, sooner or later, when you say, “These diamonds don’t look as BIG as they used to.” Don’t worry. That’s called Shrinking Diamond Syndrome and we have a cure. Just trade your We give you credit for 100% of the price you paid when you trade your Spence diamond earrings in for a larger pair. We believe you’ll do it again and again.

Pair of diamond earrings
Diamond earrings
Diamond Pendants and Necklaces
Diamond pendant necklace

Pendants. Give the gift of love.

This is the diamond that rises and falls, shattering the air with knives of light, as it lies on your chest as you breath. That’s all you have to do, just breath. This diamond will do the rest 

24651 A 1

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