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Spence Diamonds Our Story

Diamond Education

Why Spence

Spence does diamonds differently.

Our wide-open showcases allow you to reach right in and try on as many rings as you like. And every ring has the price in it. Your ring will be custom made for you, so modifications to make it one-of-a-kind are no problem at all. Just tell us. When we deliver your ring, it will fit you perfectly, and it will never have been on any finger but yours.

Exceptional quality, uncompromising ethics, and environmental sustainability. That’s Spence. We give you confidence, education, and unprecedented access. Come, and prepare to be amazed.

What you’ll feel is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. At Spence, we think buying a diamond should feel the same way. For more than 40 years, Spence has helped countless people find the diamond jewelry that best embodies not only their love, but their values. And we’ve done it by constantly delivering exceptional quality, uncompromising ethics and environmental sustainability.

But it’s not just our diamonds that make us unique. It’s the way we help our customers buy them — confidence, education, and unprecedented access. Sure, most diamond stores don’t do things the way that Spence does, but we’ve never been like most diamond stores. And we promise we never will be.

At Spence, we believe you not only deserve the best diamond, you also deserve the best diamond store. We’ll never stop giving our customers an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Your ring, your choice.

Buying a ring doesn’t have to be like buying a car. If Spence sold cars, we would offer every model of every car ever made. And the keys would all be in the ignitions, so you could just hop in and drive it around without having to ask. That’s what it feels like when you’re at Spence. Open showcases. Just pick up a ring and try it on. The price is on the tag. When you have found the style and the diamond size and the price you like, then you can choose the diamond you want from our amazing selection. The ring will be custom made, just for you, in exactly your size. With love.


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