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Our Made To Order Process Scaled

Made To Order Process

Our Made To Order Process
Handmade is just that: made by hand. Our one-of-a-kind made to order rings are handmade in Canada. Handmade uniquely for you in just two to three weeks. When we deliver your handmade ring, it will fit you perfectly, and it will never have been on any finger but yours. How handy is that?

It’s also handy to know that Spence is a single purpose diamond house. Diamonds are all we do. That means we do our wholesale buying, importing and manufacturing in-house. This eliminates three levels of middlemen profit, so we can deliver better diamonds for less money. Can we say handy again?

Made To Order Process

Our Made To Order Process
Exceptional quality, uncompromising ethics, and environmental sustainability. That’s Spence Diamonds in a nutshell. Visit a Spence Showroom to create your one-of-a-kind, made to order diamond engagement ring.

Your Diamond Experts

You choose the design, colour, shape, and sparkle. Every decision and choice is yours to make. This is your ring – made for you. So essentially, you’re the creator. You got this (and we’re here to help you if you don’t fully got this)..

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Browse our
2500+ Styles


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Visit a store to view our complete collection of 2,500 styles and find the style you love.

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Hand-pick your unique special diamond in store with a certified Diamond Consultant.
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Handmade To Order


Handmade to Order

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Have your one-of-a-kind ring handmade to order in approximately two to three weeks.

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