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How Spence Artisan Diamonds are made.

Created atom by atom in a plasma chamber – inside a ball of lightning, a miniature sun ­– Artisan-Created diamonds are born just as they are in the heart of the earth. Spence Artisan-Created Diamonds are chemically, structurally, and optically the same as diamonds that come out of the earth. You can have an old diamond or a young diamond. We proudly sell both.

Good for the planet. Good for its people.

We buy only from reputable suppliers, so Spence can guarantee the origin and ethics of the diamond that represents your love. And by eliminating every layer of middleman, we eliminate questionable practices and middleman mark-ups. Our Artisan-Created Diamonds eliminate the environmental impact of traditional mining diamond. You get a pure diamond, conflict-free and socially responsible.

Like traditional mined diamonds, without the mine.

Artisan Created Diamonds don’t come from underground. They’re born in a plasma chamber that mimics our planet’s magma layer where earth diamonds are born. Artisan-Created diamonds are typically higher clarity grades and significantly larger than an earth-mined diamond of the same price.

Spence Diamonds Feature

Classified. Certified. Verified.

Spence buyers rigorously review every stone to ensure that every aspect of its industry certification is accurate. If a diamond fails to meet the grade it was given by the independent grading lab, we don’t buy it.


How Spence Artisan Created Diamonds Are Made

Spence offers gem-grade diamonds, that are produced by replicating
the same process that creates mined diamonds in the earth’s mantle layer.

Diamond seed
is planted in a

Plasma energy
grows the seed

After 6–12
weeks it’s

Hand-cut and
crafted to

IGI Graded
and Certified

Verified by
Spence experts

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