Meet a Certified Diamond Specialist to choose the perfect diamond for the complete Spence experience

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The classic solitaire is a slim gold band cradling a single diamond. Simple, elegant, classic. 

Couple showing diamond solitaire engagement ring
Couple in meadow showing diamond solitaire ring
Diamond solitaire ring

Your ring, your choice.

Buying a ring doesn’t have to be like buying a car. If Spence sold cars, we would offer every model of every car ever made. And the keys would all be in the ignitions, so you could just hop in and drive it around without having to ask. That’s what it feels like when you’re at Spence. Open showcases. Just pick up a ring and try it on. The price is on the tag. When you have found the style and the diamond size and the price you like, then you can choose the diamond you want from our amazing selection. The ring will be custom made, just for you, in exactly your size. With love.

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