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Responsibly mined, free of conflict.

Spence diamonds are truly beautiful in every way they can be. That’s because Spence buys direct which not only eliminates the middleman, it eliminates any questionable practices every step of the way. That way, your conscience can be as clear as every diamond we sell.

Responsibly mined diamonds.

The Story of Your Diamond

Socially Conscious Diamond Suppliers

Socially Conscious Suppliers

The Kimberley Process is a program that imposes strict requirements on its diamond-producing member states. It aims to ensure that every shipment of rough diamonds is certified as Conflict Free. Spence only buys diamonds from suppliers who follow this process.

Peace of Mind from Buying Direct

Spence buyers go directly to our suppliers in Mumbai, Tel Aviv and New York. No middlemen, no wholesalers, no questioning where your diamond comes from.

Spence buyers go directly to our diamond suppliers

Spence gets the first look at newly cut mined diamonds

First Look, First Pick

As one of the few companies that allows buyers to pay on the spot, Spence gets the first look at newly cut mined diamonds. And that means the first pick of the best ones for our customers.

Newly cut mined diamonds

Classified. Certified. Verified.

Spence buyers rigorously review every stone by hand to ensure that every aspect of its industry certification is met. If any diamond fails to meet the grade it was given, we don’t buy it.

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