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Coloured Diamonds


Brightly coloured natural diamonds cost between four million and five million dollars a carat. Our Artisan Created Coloured Diamonds offer stunning beauty with pink, yellow and blue created diamonds without the million-dollar price tag. At Spence, a brightly coloured diamond costs only about 16% more than our colourless created diamonds of the same size.

Explore our collection of artisan created coloured diamonds and create the diamond ring that everyone will instantly know is yours. You can do it. We will help you.

Coloured Diamonds
Our Artisan Created Coloured Diamonds

Shine brightly with colourful diamond shapes.

Fancy coloured diamonds are available in the fanciest shapes you’ve ever seen– including Princess, Oval, Emerald, and Pear diamond shapes. Enjoy the glitz and glitter of these gorgeous pink, yellow and blue artisan created diamonds. Colourful created diamonds in fancy shapes that are now accessible to all.

Coloured Diamonds
Coloured Diamonds

The Spence Experience

Most ring designs can be made to fit a wide range of diamond sizes and budgets. Please visit a Spence showroom to view our 2500+ ring styles.

Coloured Diamond Ring

Step 1:

Browse Styles Online.
Visit a store to view our
complete collection of
2,500 styles and find the
style you love

Blue Diamond

Step 2:

Hand-pick your unique
special diamond in store
with a certified Diamond

Diamond Box

Step 3:

Have your one-of-a-kind
ring handmade to order
in approximately
two to three weeks.

Our Engagement Ring Collection



Your Ring. Your Choice.
Coloured Diamond

Your ring,
your choice.

Buying a ring doesn’t have to be like buying a ring. We have the largest collection of diamond jewelry in North America. Please visit one of our Spence showrooms to view our complete collection. Our Diamond Consultants look forward to asking you the right questions to help you narrow your selection.

Your Ring. Your Choice.

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