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Spence Financing
Spence Financing

Don’t let the urgent displace the truly important. Concerns over things – like our jobs and our finances – are causing us to delay the truly important things in life. Like spending time with our friends, and falling in love, and getting engaged. But we have solutions.

With approved credit, you can have no payments for 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months, or choose a monthly payment plan. Our happiness depends on how we handle the truly important things.

*Conditions Apply.

Financing Plan Options:

1  No Payments for 6 months*
2 No Payments for 12 months*
3 No Payments for 18 months*
4 Monthly Payment Plans*

* *Certain terms and conditions apply. Speak to a consultant in store for further information.

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At Spence we offer a range of flexible financing plans to make your ring purchase as financially stress free as possible. Almost any ring can be made to fit any budget. You choose the ring and price you are comfortable with. If you decide to finance your purchase, we are glad to offer a range of financing plans.

We’ve partnered with both Fairstone and Flexiti to offer you a range of flexible payment options. Defer your payments and then make manageable payments over time.

For existing customers with Fairstone or Flexiti, visit us in store to find out how we can help you finance your next purchase.

For new customers, find out below on how to apply for financing with Fairstone or Flexiti.


About Fairstone:

Fairstone is committed to delivering the best borrowing experience, providing valuable financial products that meet customers’ needs, and enabling more Canadians to have their finances in sync with their situation – wherever and whatever life brings them.

Why Finance with Fairstone:

Fairstone has been providing responsible loans to Canadians for almost 100 years. We are proud to offer loans for Canadians in the fair to good credit score range.

How to Apply:


About Flexiti:

Flexiti is a Canadian fintech company that offers financing solutions via the FlexitiCard that makes financing purchases simple. The approval process is quick, the financing plans are flexible and customers can use their FlexitiCard at any retailer in the Flexiti Network.

Why Finance with Flexiti:

Purchase and defer your payments up to 12 months with 0% interest*. Unlike traditional financing methods, once you’re approved you don’t have to re-apply! Use your FlexitiCard to make purchases again and again within your approved credit limit.

How to Apply:

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Your ring, your choice.

We have more than 2500 customizable ring styles ­– each one clearly marked with a price – so you never have to ask, “How much is this one?”  Spence Diamonds is easy, pressure-free, and fun.

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