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Giving Back

Inspired by principle, united by purpose. By choosing Spence Diamonds for your happy day, we are able to contribute to the amazing work that Not For Sale does each and everyday. Not For Sale is a global non-profit on a mission “…to end exploitation, and protect communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery.”

Spence & Not For Sale

Not For Sale is a global non-profit on a mission “…to end exploitation, and protect communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery.” To help support their efforts, Spence has entered into a multi-year donation agreement with Not For Sale, which helps fund their initiatives at the Kyangwali Refugee Camp in Uganda. Initiatives that include funding schools, housing, fresh water systems, job training, and investing in entrepreneurial ventures. It is our shared belief that education and opportunity are the keys to a bright future where everyone has access to the resources they need to lead dignified lives. Together with Not For Sale, Spence hopes to ensure that future for every refugee at Kyangwali.

Everyone has the right to an education. Everyone.

In 2009, our local partners CITOYA opened COBURWAS Primary and Nursery School in order to provide quality education to vulnerable children and adults throughout the community. When Not For Sale launched its partnership in 2017, what began as a nursery school of about 40 children grew to 400 children. Today, there are more than 530.

In 2020, Not For Sale Uganda served 2,500 children in the Kyangwali Refugee Camp. For each child directly served, we estimate 5 additional people are impacted through awareness, outreach, increased income, and additional opportunities in livelihoods and schooling. 

Not For Sale Making a Difference

  • Since 2007, Not For Sale has positively affected the lives of over 200,500 people.
  • Not For Sale made a change for 61,150 people in 2020.
  • More than 9,709 survivors and exploited people were provided extensive services.
  • As a result, an additional 51,476 people were provided access to an array of services such as jobs, skills training, access to capital, clean water, social services, education, trafficking prevention, & more.


Unlocking potential.
And disrupting extreme poverty.

Many refugees at Kyangwali have the drive and determination to improve their lives and help change the fate of their community. And, most often, the way they take action is through social entrepreneurship. Not for Sale and Spence Diamonds not only invest in their enterprises because they create economic opportunities, we also launched The Entrepreneurship Challenge to provide a platform for young refugees to share their business ideas and ventures.

During The Entrepreneurship Challenge, 30 applicants from refugee settlements are invited to pitch their social enterprise concepts. They’re also offered business development workshops as well as networking opportunities to increase their chances of success. At the end of the two-day session, every participant is awarded seed funding.

Spence does more than give. We also go.

Since 2017, in our pre-pandemic world, Spence employees traveled to the Kyangwali Refugee Camp in Uganda where they work with Not For Sale to advance their mission.

During their trip, they engage with the communities to better understand the challenges they face. Spence employees also visit the schools we fund with Not For Sale. They tour the grounds, meet with students, and participate in activities. But, more than that, they come to truly understand how the students live, and what part they play in determining their future.

They also act as mentors during The Entrepreneurship Challenge by improving pitches, coaching presenters, and sharing their knowledge of sales, business, finance, marketing, and communication skills.

Spence has a vision.

Our hope is that one day those impacted by mineral exploitation will feel just as precious as what’s being mined. Together with Not For Sale, we can honor this vision by empowering the vulnerable through education and opportunity. And changing the diamond industry as we know it.

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