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Like drops of dew in Springtime.

These diamond Flower Petals have little diamonds all around it.

The flower petal with an Oval is an elongated curve like a Hepatica, the most beautiful of all the wildflowers.

The Marquis tapers to a point at each end, like a Spring STAR-flower.

The Round diamond is a perfect circle, like the center of a sunflower.

The Princess is a perfect square, like a flower painted by Pablo Picasso.

The Pear is round at one end, but pointed on the other, like a flower that’s weeping tears of joy.

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Square Flower Copy
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Your ring, your choice.

Buying a ring doesn’t have to be like buying a ring. We have the largest collection of diamond jewelry in North America. Please visit one of our Spence showrooms to view our complete collection. Our Diamond Consultants look forward to asking you the right questions to help you narrow your selection.

8030 A 1 (1)

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