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Celebrity Engagements And Their Show Stopping Rings

Oval Diamonds

What do Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian and Simone Biles have in common? A timeless classic oval-cut diamond engagement ring. Visit a Spence Showroom to try on your own Oval Cut Diamond Masterpiece.

Oval Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds are stealing the spotlight. From Blake Lively’s trendsetting 12-carat pink diamond to Jennifer Lopez’s 8.5-carat green diamond engagement ring, celebrities are igniting a newfound desire for these vibrant gems.

In 2022, Sotheby’s auction house set a record by selling an 11.15-carat fancy pink diamond for $57.7 million. As your Diamond Experts, Spence is proud to offer new pink, yellow, and blue artisan created coloured diamonds at an affordable price, making coloured diamonds accessible to all. Our collection includes these exquisite coloured artisan created diamonds in a variety of fancy shapes, including Princess, Oval, Emerald, and Pear.

Coloured Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Iconic figures like Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly wore stunning emerald-cut diamond engagement rings. While few can rival the size of Beyoncé’s massive 18-carat solitaire or Amal Clooney’s 7-carat beauty, Spence Diamonds offers a captivating collection of emerald-cut rings for you to explore.

Emerald Cut Diamond


Isn't she darling 😍 reason why we love this fancy cut!

Elongated cushion cuts are brilliant and sparkling delights thanks to their unique faceting pattern. We guarantee you'll be distracted and captivated by this scintillating diamond cut ✨

Not to mention, their elongated shape is oh so universally flattering, giving the illusion of longer fingers as the shape draws attention to the natural lines and curves of your finger. 💍

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