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Expert Advice To Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling

Expert Advice To Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling

Heading on a warm getaway?
Your Diamond Experts at Spence have four tips to ensure your jewelry keeps shining as bright as the afternoon sun.

Diamond Ring

Document The Jewelry Pieces

you’re taking with you. Better yet. have insurance coverage – it beats worry and regret.

Store Your Jewelry Safely

in your hotel room’s safe deposit box. Unless you’re wearing it, of course.

Remove Your Ring

before applying sunscreen. Sunscreen can cause a film to build up on your diamond ring – dulling its sparkle and shine.

Go Ringless In The Ocean.

Salt from the ocean is extremely corrosive to metals like gold and rose gold. Plus the cold of the water can make your fingers shrink, meaning your ring could slip off, which would suck like an undertow.

Regardless of how you vacation with your jewelry pieces, know that we will happily clean your ring every time you visit a Spence location – before and after your trip. Free for a lifetime.


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