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Five Expert Tips For Your Perfect Proposal Photoshoot

Enjoying those surprise photoshoot-turned-proposal stories on social media? Thinking about orchestrating one yourself? Here are 5 tips from your Diamond Experts to ensure your big moment gets the love it deserves.

Special Location

1. Special Location

Choose a special location. Opt for a place that’s naturally beautiful and ideally outdoors.

Surprise Photoshoot

2. Surprise Photoshoot

Use a photoshoot as a cover for the surprise proposal – or have your photographer hiding nearby to double the surprise and double her delight.

Make It Special

3. Make It Special

Encourage your loved one to book a manicure for the “fake event goes here”. Put your acting chops to the test…you got this.

Get The Light Right

4. Get The Light Right

Aim to have your proposal (and photo-op) occur when the sunlight’s just right. Be obsessive with checking weather patterns – you don’t want it to rain on your parade.

Practice Makes Perfect

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice kneeling. She won’t see you on one knee often, so make this moment count.


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