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Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day

There’s no true rules when it comes to love. But the diamond experts at Spence are happy to share some fun ideas to make you shine this Valentine’s Day. Regardless of where you’re at in your loving relationship.

Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day

You’re not engaged but maybe you’re about to be?
You could do one of those custom-made puzzles that you ordered online with that sassy photo together. Or maybe a sexy Burlesque show is more your Valentine’s Day speed? A little salsa dancing after your Mexican tapas? You could also get that couples massage you’ve always talked about, or, you could finally craft that special message to go along with that sparkling engagement ring she’s been eyeing. Oh my.

Youre Married And Happily In Love

You’re married and happily in love?
How about recreating one of your most memorable dates and reminiscing about your wedding day, or how about planning a staycation complete with a gourmet breakfast in bed? You could also pull out a classic board game and playfully argue about whose turn it is? Or how about taking a brisk walk together and stopping for a fresh baked-good or apple-cider, or buying a lottery ticket and fantasizing about your new home in Belize, you know, the one on the water with the endless pool? 

Youve Been Together 10 Years

You’ve been together 10+ years?
First off, wow congratulations for keeping the love strong. Valentine’s Day makes the perfect day for sharing a quiet, intimate dinner and going to bed early. Hey, maybe there’ll be a gift box hidden under the sheets, wink wink nudge nudge? If turning in early is not on the menu, perhaps exploring a hot chocolate festival or reserving a table at a delectable dessert bar is. Mmmmm, dessert bars. Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, know that Spence is always here to help you make this special occasion the brightest yet. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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